Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plant Color Pop!

This is my first Urban Jungle Bloggers post! This months theme is #plantcolorpop. I am really excited to be a part of such an awesome community. I found Urban Jungle Bloggers through one of my favorite bloggers Judith de Graaff of I have really enjoyed seeing all the other thriving happy plants from other members of the community. 

I couldn't pass up posting up another photo that I took for this months theme. I decided to Instagram my jalapeno plant instead, but anyways here's my baby aloe plant against my favorite scarf. I love the green and orange contrast. 

My jalapeno plants are now 15 inches tall! When I first brought them home, they were only 3 inches tall. Now they've flowered beautifully! In six to eight weeks, I should be able to harvest some jalapenos! I will be sure to continue posting about my plant gang. I haven't shared the entire group yet, but that will happen soon enough.

Lina Vo


  1. What an impressive amount of growth for your jalapeno plants, Lina! Do you know in what kind of dish you'll be using them in a few weeks? Love aloë vera plants too, it's so nice to apply the gel to your skin, especially after sun/oven burns. Have a great summer and thank you for the nice #plantcolorpop!